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Shambhala is more than a music festival, it is a journey. Thousands traverse the globe to the Salmo River Ranch nestled deep in the hardwoods of the British Columbian interior to partake in Canada’s largest electronic music experience. Art, kinship, self-expression, and love are what compliment the sensory encounter that is Shambhala.


How to capture that vibe? Lush visuals, ethereal music, visceral beats, unbridled emotion, darkness, dazzling light, and our own surrender to the ritual of returning home to Shambhala.

MB Flowers Assembly.00_08_29_25.Still001.jpg

A world where you can roam wild, to connect to who you are truly are by stomping to your own beat. 

- Shambhala

A ritual stretching back to 2014, the Sweetgrass crew packs a trailer or two with gear and makes the sojourn to British Columbia's Salmo River Ranch in Canada. While the crew and vibe evolves each year, the satisfaction (and sleep deprivation) we experience at the Shambhala Music Festival keeps us returning, summer after summer. It's the ideal antidote to our winter exploits spent shivering on alpine peaks. We bask under the warm sunshine, revel in the dark of night, and each time we rediscover the elemental connections that bind us all, no matter how far we wander. 

Immerse yourself in our gallery of Shambhala images and experience each festival anew in our anthology below.

shambhala ANTHology

2022 aftermovie

2019 aftermovie

2018 aftermovie

2017 aftermovie

2016 aftermovie

2015 aftermovie

2014 aftermovie

Shambhala Aftermovie_Set A_FullRes-12.png
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