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YEAR: 2023

Tessa Treadway and her three children lost their husband and father Dave Treadway to a tragic backcountry skiing accident in 2019. Since the calamity, learning to mountain bike has provided a therapeutic conduit to ride the waves of grief for Tessa and her precocious oldest child, nine-year-old Kasper.


Tessa is determined to honor the approach she and her late husband developed for their family: chase life. Tessa courageously guides Kasper as he tests new physical and mental boundaries while pursuing progression on his bicycle. On solo rides Tessa turns to mountain biking as a form of meditation to gracefully maneuver the path of single motherhood as she grapples with the challenge of fostering Kasper’s safety and evolution both on and off the bike.

Slow down, slow down
The fire's burnin' again.




Director: Nick Waggoner
Executive Producer: Nick Castagnoli
Producer / Writer: Matt Coté
Cinematography: Nick Waggoner, Jason Mannings
Editors: Scot Proudfoot, Jason Mannings
Sound Mix: Keith White
Color: Filip Smola
Archival Still Images: Zoya Lynch



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