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Boots Over Brim


YEAR: 2021

Amie and her dad were dancing at the historic Cowboy Bar in Jackson, Wyoming when they started throwing inverted dance moves. The bar’s bouncer promptly kicked them out, shouting “No boots over the brim!” 

“Boots Over Brim” follows Amie Engerbretson, a professional skier and classically trained dancer, as she dips in and out of a dreamy western dance scene and daunting ski lines in WY, NV, and AK. Breaking all the rules of a classic ski film, “Boots Over Brim” shines to a soundtrack exclusively set to the electrifying country music of Paul Cauthen. To Amie, skiing has always been a dance.

Boots Over Brim_Dance-8.jpg

Slow down, slow down
The fire's burnin' again.


- Paul Cauthen



Director: Zeppelin Zeerip
Principle Cinematography: Michael James Brown
Producer: Zac Ramras
Editor: Eliel Hindert
Additional Cinematography: Justin Befu, Bobby Jahrig, Zac Ramras, Zeppelin Zeerip
FPV Drone: Bryce Prestwich
Graphics: Bill Kelly
Music: Paul Cauthen

Primary Dancers: Amie Engerbretson, Todd Ligare, Jeff Engerbretson

Athlete: Amie Engerbretson

Supporting Sponsors: Spyder Active, K2 Skis, Scott Freeski, Tincup Whiskey


Amie en route_edited_edited.jpg
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