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YEAR: 2014


The hours of infinite possibility. Chase legends the likes of Pep Fujas and Eric Hjorleifson, Chris Benchetler, and Daron Rahlves as they boldly tackle massive Alaskan spines and big British Columbian pillows. At night. From the enthralling creative visuals to the groundbreaking, never-before attempted scale of the shoot, “Afterglow” is hailed as one of the most cinematically profound ski movies ever created and the first ever ski movie shot entirely in the dark of night.

Afterglow Darren AK Big Line.png

From the wide expanse of day, darkness waits to fall. Silent, steady, relentless, a river that can't be stopped. But even in the darkest night, a light waits for those who hold on to see. From the ashes of the afterglow, when our world gives way to the next...



Directors: Nick Waggoner, Michael James Brown
Executive Producer: Nick Waggoner
Producers: Zac Ramras, Michael James Brown,

Max Santeusanio
Editor: Michael James Brown
First AC: Max Santeusanio
Aerial Cinematography: Nick Wolcott, Zac Ramras
Gaffer: Mark Stuen
Key Grip: Kyle Metzger
Best Boy Grip: Shane Treat
Cook: AJ Frye
BTS Unit: Jason Mannings
Guides: Cam McClellan, Ken Bibby

Athletes: Daron Rahlves, Eric Hjorliefson, Pep Fujas, Chris Benchetler

Agency: Ahlstrand & Wållgren
Account Director: Ulf Ahlstrand
Creative Director: Joakim Wållgren

Account Manager: Helena Bengtsson
Assoc. Creative Director: Cristopher Gedda Westrell
Art Director: Johan Schonfeldt
Agency ​Producer: Mark Baughen, Colony

Afterglow PR Still_Clean-16_edited.png


  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - IF3 International Freeski Festival, 2014 (Canada)

  • BEST SHORT - IF3 International Freeski Festival, 2014 (Canada)

  • BEST SHORT - Vancouver International Film Festival, 2014 (Canada)

  • BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - Powder Awards, 2014

  • BEST SHORT - Powder Awards, 2014

  • FINALIST - Banff Mountain Film Festival, 2014 (Canada)

  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE - Mt. Baker Film Festival, 2014

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Coldsmoke Awards, 2014

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bilabo Mendi Film Festival, 2014 (Spain)

  • FILMIC PRIZE - Danish Adventure Film Festival, 2014 (Denmark)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bovec Outdoor Film Festival, 2014 (Slovenia) 

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Homer Outdoor Film Festival, 2014 

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - European Outdoor Film Tour, 2015/2015 (Europe)

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - 5Point Film Festival, 2015

  • OFFICIAL SELECTION - Telluride Mountainfilm, 2015

  • PRIX DE LA CINEMATOGRAPHIE - Chamonix Adventure Film Festival, 2015 (France)

  • PRIX DU RECIT - Chamonix Adventure Film Festival, 2015 (France)

  • BEST ARTISTIC FILM BRONZE - Sheffield Adventure Film Festival, 2015 (UK)


  • BEST IN SHOW - New York City Drone Film Festival, 2016

  • BEST IN EXTREME SPORTS - New York City Drone Film Festival, 2016


The cinematic style of Sweetgrass merged with the branding prowess of one of the world's premiere television manufacturers, Philips TV

The effort involved in producing Afterglow was as tremendous as the film itself. All the equipment, diesel power, cameras, food, tents, and the crew and athletes were shuttled across international borders, stuffed into an array of planes, trains, automobiles, and helicopters to then be hauled through chest deep snow. Over the course of 6 weeks, 14 people utilized more than 9,000 lbs of gear in a logistical feat that defies logic. We employed pulley systems and expended gallons of blood, sweat, and tears as far as 70 miles from the nearest human civilization. In wrapping up at each location, care was taken to leave each scene in as pristine condition as it was found.

The team was forced to develop custom camera rigs and lights for filming during the deepest nights when the temperatures dropped as low as -15 Celsius. The project required a switch to nocturnal life with the work day beginning at 7:30PM and concluding at 7:30AM. The crew and athletes had to rely on mental strength and determination to cope with acute sleep deprivation and the extreme cold. 

The scope of the project was massive. From researching custom-fabricated LED lights to designing specialty LED ski suits, the Sweetgrass crew also needed innovative systems to transport lights across landforms of massive scale. Merging Hollywood-style production with backcountry savvy Sweetgrass aimed to showcase how wildly different the experience of skiing could be using the power of color and light. 

The crew braved frigid temperatures, slept on glaciers for days, and lugged 50+ lb camera packs day in and day out. After countless hours in the field, and even more behind the editing keys, AfterGlow was born.


Afterglow PR Still_Clean-1.jpg
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