Portillo Pow

Mike – After months spent traversing heinous glacial fields, subsisting on food products prepared by people who have never heard the phrase “food handlers permit”, and lugging hundreds of pounds of gear through the bus stations of South America, our second summer of winter has come to an end.  Wrapping up two years in production for SOLITAIRE, I spent two weeks shooting on the world renowned slopes of Portillo Chili, while the rest of the crew, already back in the states, were fervently hacking at keyboards and bumping the refresh rate on their monitors beyond safety standards for human use.  Mark my words, there is no better way to top off a season of living in the rough than by working out of a classy hotel that serves you up with mouthwatering breakfast, lunch and dinner, with tea time thrown in between, and the icing on the cake; complimentary aquarobic classes.  Uncanny. Sure, I was still charged  to hike up the hill with an overweight angry midget clamped to my back, but then again the water pressure inherent to aquatic aerobics breaks lactic acid down quick.  The hot tub and cute ski instructors don’t hurt either.  Maybe I should feel bad for enjoying goods with the rest of the team back home, but then again, lets not forget the bounty delivered by red hot american summers; pool parties, bike rides, BBQ’ing, cold refreshing beers, and perhaps most importantly sun dresses.  The boys have been cranking the edits out, and the cuts are  looking delicious, but I know they’ve been taking a few breaks to see the sun.

Stay tuned for the return of our On The Road with SOLITAIRE series, as we drop episodes about our time at the big yellow hotel and more… and get ready for SOLITAIRE to drop September 15 at the Gothic Theatre in Denver, CO!


Thanks Frank Shine Tecnica/Blizzard for photos, Ski Portillo for accommodations!

Hotel Portillo over the Laguna del Inca


Back when skiers had class
Fun in the Sun! Photo by Frank Shine
Just desserts after a long day of skinning and booting.
Welcome to Hotel Portillo
Jesse Hoffman staying entertained while waiting for the bluebird to fly. Photo by Frank Shine


Austin Ross working the light, the snow, the love high above the lifts. Photo Frank Shine


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  1. Ada Montague

    Hey! I REALLY REALLY REALLY want to see your movie on the big screen. I can’t make it down to Bozeman tonight or to Spokane, which I understand is your next stop. I am an avid backcountry skier and the sweet Bitterroot peaks are my home now while I am in law school. Will you please make my dreams come true and show me Solitaire in a BIG screen way? Please?

  2. sweetgrassp

    Hey Ada! thanks for your excitement and stoke to see our film on the big screen. I hate to say it, but you missed a great show last night in Bozeman– really a beautiful projection and sound. I won’t rub it in…
    What about Jackson around xmas time? can you make it then? Otherwise, Seattle on October 28th?! Let us know how we can make it happen for you!

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