Coup d’état

Mike- The fires of revolution have been lit across the great nation known best for its unique take on toasted bread and its grease laden fries.  This month, French publication ‘Fluid’ printed a groundbreaking article on the unique autureship found in Sweetgrass flicks, sending shockwaves through city streets and across the countryside.  Rumor has it that the cafes are simmering with talk of new type of ski filmmaking founded on the principles of equality and truth for the common man and woman, so load your musket, throw your kitchen table into the smoldering street barricade around the corner; its time to storm the Bastille!  Thanks to Antoine for putting this great piece together; shots by myself and the venerable Hiroyuki Yamada.

Forrest Coots riding the sunset in Niseko

A Signature turn by Forrest Coots
Director Nick Waggoner turns into a flock of loons when the moon is full
Telemarkers Lorenzo Worester and JT Robison digging in to the white stuff
Matt Philippi storm riding in the calssic silver birch forests of Niseko
Stillwater on the lake, another beauty by Hiroyuki Yamada
The dusty landscape of South America from the upcoming film 'Solitaire' contrasts the enveloping pow from 'Signatures', feat. Forrest Shearer L, and Forrest Coots R
Jacqui Edgerly testing out the goods at the pillow factory
Like a shade, Coots nightriding in the surreal afterdark segment from 'Signatures'
Elves heading East, Coots doing deep, Ben Sturge framing the shot, Matt Philippi getting risky in the treetops
The first rays of pink touch the wind-ravaged peaks near Las Leñas

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  1. Jonathan

    You gents never cease to amaze. Even the French love you Americanos. You bring a sliver of peace in a world of chaos.

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